Lithuania Bank Account Number

Data element


Name of countryLithuania
Country code as defined in ISO 3166 LT
Domestic account number example
Check also domestic Banks in Lithuania
LT12 1000 0111 0100 1000


BBAN structure5!n11!n
BBAN length16!n
Bank identifier*** position within the BBANPositions 1-5
Bank identifier length5!n
Bank identifier example10000
BBAN example1000011101001000


IBAN structureLT2!n5!n11!n
IBAN length20!c
IBAN electronic format example (Check Iban)LT121000011101001000
IBAN print format exampleLT12 1000 0111 0100 1000
SEPA Country
Contact details

Ms Virginija Bruziene

Payment Systems Department
Bank of Lithuania
Zirmunu St 151
Vilnius, LT 09128

Tel:    +370 5 2680823
Fax:    +370 5 2721101

Additional national IBAN information

Issuer national codes (Name, web site)Bank of Lithuania
URL to list of national codes
URL(s)  to national regulation underlying the use of IBAN

Lithuanian Standards Board
Under The Ministry Of Environmental Of The Republic Of Lithuania

* Please use same character representations as in the IBAN registry (see table below)

 n Digits (numeric characters 0 to 9 only)
 a Upper case letters (alphabetic characters A-Z only)
 c upper and lower case alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z and 0-9)
The following length indications are used :
fixed length
**BBAN: basic bank account number; an identifier that uniquely identifies an individual account at a specific financial institution in a particular country and which includes a bank identifier of the financial institution servicing that account.
***Bank identifier: an identifier that uniquely identifies the financial institution and, when appropriate, the branch of that financial institution servicing an account.
For example,  IBAN used in Lithuania has the character composition LT2!n5!n11!n, it means -
  1. Country code (2 Character ISO country code - LT): LT
  2. Check Digit (2 digits - 2!n): 12 (This two digits represents the check digits calculated from the rest of the IBAN characters)
  3. Bank code (5 digits - 5!n): 10000
  4. Account number (11 digits - 11!n): 11101001000
i.e in this example IBAN print format is LT121000011101001000 which is total 20 characters (20!c).
Also check the official SWIFT - IBAN Registry in PDF format and in Text format.



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