6th Annual Global Commodities Finance Conference

Time: 9-10 June 2009
Venue: Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

The Global Commodities Finance Conference is the world’s largest gathering of commodity producers, traders and structured financiers concerned with trends in the pricing and financing of international raw material flows.

This year, with liquidity tightening and a backdrop of unprecedented economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever that the commodity community comes together to discuss deal flow, opportunities and sectors of interest. Moreover, there exists the opportunity to work together to source new business and to develop firmer structures that can mitigate risk in such a market.

Margins are widening and this is no surprise. As with any counter-cyclical industry, a global recession presents massive opportunities for structured commodity financiers. The key is to understand where those opportunities are and how to price and mitigate the inherent risk.

More than 50 industry-leading experts will present and debate on key topics including:

  • The implications of the combined effect of lower commodity prices and reduced credit from both the bank and trader perspective.
  • Bank risk appetite: what volumes and types of deals can we expect over the coming year?
  • How long can oil price volatility be expected to last and what does it mean for the overall economy?
  • What are the medium to long-term impacts of the short-term liquidity crisis in the mining sector?
  • South-south trade flows: are new players driving and redirecting global trading patterns despite the credit crunch?

Euromoney Seminars and Trade Finance Magazine’s 6th Annual Global Commodities Finance Conference provides the world’s foremost forum to learn from and network with the most experienced and savvy players in the sector: a who’s who of the industry.

As the saying goes, “A 10 year old could do commodity finance, so long as he had 30 years of experience”. Never has the saying been truer than now. And never has this conference been more important and prescient.

They look forward to welcoming you in Geneva in June.

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