UniCredit Bank, Ukraine

Address: 14, D.Galitsky Street, Lutsk, 43016, Volynska region, Ukraine.
Telephone: 8 (033) 277 62 10
Fax: 8 (033) 272 03 57
Email: info@unicredit.com.ua
Website: http://www.unicredit.com.ua/


UniCredit Group has been working in Ukrainian market since 1997. In this very year, Pekao Bank (Ukraine) was opened in Lutsk (the first bank in Ukraine with 100% Polish capital).

In June 2006 Pekao Bank (Ukraine) changed its name to UniCredit Bank according to Strategy of business development of UniCredit Group in Ukraine.

In September 2007 UniCredit Bank has successfully completed the merger with HVB Bank Ukraine according to Strategy of integration of UniCredit Group in CEE.

UniCredit Bank has become the universal bank that offers wide range of high-quality services and products to clients of corporate and retail businesses.

UniCredit Group, with a current market capitalization of approximately ?84 billion (1 October 2007, is ranked among the top financial groups in Europe, UniCredit has a presence in 22 countries, with over 40 million clients and 9,000 branches, approximately 170,000 employees and total assets of approximately ?1,018 billion (proforma) as at 30 June 2007.

Through the merger with Capitalia, effective as of 1 October 2007, UniCredit has significantly strengthen its presence in Italy which is one of its core markets alongside Germany, Austria and CEE.

In the CEE region, UniCredit operates the largest international banking network with over 3,700 branches and outlets, where more than 76,000 employees serve approximately 27 million customers.


  • They are one of Europe's leading financial groups, they're proud of their geographical root heritage which is the foundation of their common identity. They commit theirselves passionately to create a new way of banking by constant thriving to serve their clients with innovative solutions. Their reputation is built on trust, accountability for results and quality of their business.


  • Their set of values is based on integrity as sustainability condition, which makes it possible to transform profit into value for their stakeholders.
  • Their values are the product of all the different banks and companies cultures that have crossed their path over the years. Although different, these cultures share a continual awareness of market developments, an unfailing commitment to the growth of added value, corporate social responsibility as well as staff development and customer relationships.
  • In pursuing their mission and affirming their identity they intend to continue to model their behaviour on strong and widely shared convictions.
  • The six Foundations of Integrity Charter such as Fairness, Transparency, Respect, Reciprocity, Freedom and Trust should inform the behaviour of UniCredit people in their dealings with all their counterparties, including institutional entities such as government authorities and public officials.

Local communities

  • They want to be perceived as a strong innovative Group that can provide with the best global opportunities to foster the development of their local communities. They're active corporate citizens and wherever the Group operates it promotes sustainable economic growth and social responsibility.
  • They accept this responsibility, aware of their geographical root heritage, playing an important role within society and the local communities they operate in.



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