Address: 26, Ukrainian Lesya, Kyiv, 01133, Ukraine
Telephone: +380 (44) 537 47 23


Ukrprombank established in 1989. Over 19 years of successful activity Ukrprombanka in the financial market of Ukraine professionalism and experience of management and all staff confirmed, strengthened and udoskonalyuvavsya towards definition and implementation of future prospects.

During the years 2003-2008 Ukrprombank built a network of branches and offices, consisting of 313 sales points. Today the bank has investments in energy, agriculture, oil refining, transport, food, construction, machine-building and other sectors of the economy.

The credibility of the bank revealed the state. Since 2003 Ukrprombank - authorized Bank Pension Fund in the payment of pensions, since 2005 - involved in the maintenance of cash to pay cash checks Goskaznacheystva.

The bank is set strategic and tactical tasks, significantly increases and expands the volume of active and passive operations. With the increase of capital and increase the deposit base Ukrprombank increasing amount of the loan portfolio. Thus, a prerequisite is supported at a sufficient level of liquidity the bank, qualitative assessment of their own capabilities and capacities of partners in lending, hedging risk, protection fully trusted bank of clients, supporting their business, a necessary amount of reserves and confirm the reliability of the bank as a stable financial Institute.

The Bank is a full member of the first stock trading system, the principal member of the international payment systems MasterCard International and a principal member of the international payment system Visa International.

The Bank is a corporate member and UkrSVIFT International SWIFT / SCRL. The Bank is a member of the National system of mass electronic payments (NSMEP) with the functions and the issuer ekvayra.

The strategic goal of the Bank is to increase the market value of the bank by raising its image and competitiveness, brand recognition and increase efficiency of output to a new level of customer service, achieving the bank size that will allow him to enter the first five largest banks in Ukraine in accordance the distribution of the National Bank of Ukraine.

Philosophy bank

  • Ukrprombank - universal financial institution - with dignity retains high status of a reliable and stable bank, who works in the world of banking.

Mission and strategy

  • To solidify and strengthen the position in the financial market, constantly introducing new banking products and technology.

Strategic Priorities

  • Good level of customer service by increasing the quantitative and qualitative indicators, which, in turn, based on the infrastructure components (extensive regional network, effective management, which makes the bank more sensitive to the needs of the market), technology (development and introduction of new products) and financial (increase of authorized capital);
  • The most dense territorial presence of the bank in Ukraine. All agencies network should be universal, ie should provide the widest range of services.

Goals and Objectives

  • Increased profit bank
  • Support sales spirit - providing a high level of competitiveness of the bank;
  • Using modern technology - providing a guaranteed quality of banking services;
  • Policy of openness and transparency for clients.



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Currency EUR 2024-05-17

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  • jpy JPY 168.96
  • bgn BGN 1.9558
  • czk CZK 24.722
  • dkk DKK 7.4615
  • gbp GBP 0.85685
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