Rodovid Bank

Address: 1-3, Pivnychno-Syretska Street, Kyiv, 04136, Ukraine
Telephone: +38 (044) 200-20-02


Rodovid Bank is a universal credit and financial institution, focusing its activities on rendering of comprehensive bank services to both Ukrainian and foreign legal entities and individuals in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

Rodovid Bank Strategic goal is to build the Bank’s long-term profitability based on high-quality services and long-term relationships with clients, as well as on the basis of high business efficiency on the whole. Client loyalty is revealed by their willingness to turn time and time again to the Bank, to use several products at the same time and to recommend the Bank to their friends and acquaintances.


To win the trust of Clients and get leading positions in delivering services to Ukrainian families


Socially-oriented Bank for every family of Ukraine. We take care of creating value for each shareholder, client and employee.

Rodovid Values


Rodovid Bank starts every task with an objective in mind. They direct their energy and creative potential to achieving the best results for the Bank. They always look for ways to improve efficiency and to develop the business process They are involved in. They recognize that team work benefits the result most of all.

One team

The Rodovid family unites thousands of people all over Ukraine. The word “team” is of high importance to us. They value the individuality of every member of the team and strive to maximize the investment of everyone in a team result. To maximize the work efficiency of the team it is necessary to create an atmosphere of trust and respect.

Trust and respect

They support and take care on each other. They demonstrate due respect to our colleagues regardless of the position they hold. They each deserve trust and thus trust others. A friendly working environment positively influences relations with our clients.

Client orientation

The Ukrainian family as client of the Bank is their main focus and determines all thair activity. They always strive to gain the loyalty of clients by creating needed for banking products, providing high-quality services and provoking their positive emotions. They also take care to satisfy the needs of our colleagues from other departments who are their internal clients. They are responsible for providing services to both internal and external clients in accordance with the highest standards.


They understand theit responsibility to external clients, management and shareholders of the Bank, regulators and society. Thus they always meet their commitments and are personally responsible for their actions.


One of their characteristic features is fresh thinking. They encourage and support initiatives. They find new possibilities for generating economic results. Based on their experience and using a creative approach they generate ideas that help increase efficiency and better satisfy existing and potential needs of their clients.

Singleness of purpose

They form goals that help the Bank to realize its strategic priorities. They look for and find ways to achieve their goals. They clearly understand their personal goals and their role in achieving the goals of their departments and the Bank in general. Their goal is victory, not participation



European Central Bank
(ECB) Exchange Rates
Currency EUR 2024-05-17

  • usd USD 1.0844
  • jpy JPY 168.96
  • bgn BGN 1.9558
  • czk CZK 24.722
  • dkk DKK 7.4615
  • gbp GBP 0.85685
  • huf HUF 387.60
  • pln PLN 4.2650
  • ron RON 4.9752
  • sek SEK 11.6550
  • chf CHF 0.9855
  • nok NOK 11.6330