Address: Ukraine, 01001, Kiev, st. Olginskij, 3
Telephone: +38 044 254-22-22


Bank «Arcade» - universal commercial bank of comprehensive services for individuals.

Over the years, the Bank has developed unique programs for the population:

  • In the field of finance and housing loans;
  • In the field of private pensions and
  • Savings programs for children;
  • A variety of deposit programs.

All their programs have a social focus, they created the basic solution for the complex problems of family life and became a reliable means of financial support to all its members - from children to the elderly. Program bank received recognition at the state level and, credible and Ukrainians have become really popular projects.

Their mission - readiness to help each client: from the study of specific problems to the selection of options to solve the complex through the use of banking applications. This approach allows for almost every customer to find an acceptable solution for the problem. They take maximum care to the wishes of each client and offers just the active person who was close to the innovative ideas of their bank.

By helping its customers solve such important issues as the provision of housing, creation of favorable launch conditions minors for independent living, empowerment of pensions, they understand that social responsibility, which the bank has to society. In its activities the Bank is guided by the unequivocal requirements of Ukrainian legislation. By any program, they care about providing the maximum guarantees to their investors and clients.

They appreciate all customers who chose their bank at the beginning of its activities, as well as those who later showed them the confidence that even today remains a customer, no doubt accept any new program the bank and takes part in it.

They strive to deliver their services to a growing number of Ukrainian families. Today the bank offers its program in Kiev, Kiev region - the city of Bucha, in other Ukrainian cities: Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Odessa, Kharkov, Vinnitsa, Zaporozhye, Sevastopol, Feodosia.



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