Sparbanken Lidkoping

Address: New town squares 3, 531 31 Lidköping
Telephone: 0510-54 55 00
Fax: 0510-54 55 50
Email: [email protected]


Being a local bank means Sparbanken Lidkoping get to know all of their business - Lidkoping is not larger. With a broad expertise in their field, swift decisions and good service,  Sparbanken Lidkoping support the industry they are a part.

Sparbanken Lidkoping have simultaneously access to all key experts in Swedbank.

Today, the Bank has two offices in Lidköping, at the square and at Framnäs mall. The bank is the leading bank in Lidköping and they are very proud to approximately 29,200 individuals have given us the confidence to be their bank. Moreover, around 2800 individual entrepreneurs and more than 1600 legal business customers with us.

Their vision

Sparbanken Lidköping shall be the best banking option in Lidköping at all stages.

Sparbanken Lidkoping have been for almost 175 years and they want to continue to be. They want to be a bank for their country. They want to contribute to a positive development through new investments in the Bank's business and Sparbanksstiftelsen Lidköpings support to Lidköping. This would hopefully result in more business, lower unemployment, more inhabitants and more tourists to their region.

There are thousands of banks around the world that is bigger than us. But there is no one who is greater in Lidköping. Sparbanken Lidköping owned by a local foundation. Any surplus is used to secure customers' assets in the bank and to promote industrial development, research and education and sport and culture in Lidköping area. Their basic concept is fairly simple: When the other banks is good all over, they want to be the best at home. When other banks will take the crucial decisions are far away, they decide it yourselves. When other banks let profits disappear little HERE, they allow the surplus to remain in the district. Enough is Sparbanken Lidköping a different bank



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Currency EUR 2021-06-11

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