Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa

Address: 30 Gran Via 48009 Bilbao (Bizkaia), Spain
Telephone: +34 944 017 000
Fax: +34 944 017 800


Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa (bbk) is a Savings Bank, a socially-conscious financial institution that leads the financial sector in its area of influence: Bizkaia.

BBK offers investors and customers comprehensive information above and beyond the legal requirements with regard to its institutional structure and governance and its main economic and financial data according to its commitment  to transparency and maximum accountability in its management.


  • Social Welfare Work is BBK's main reason for existence and is their main instrument in supporting active social integration and in showing solidarity for all people.
  • BBK view social action in terms of systematic and legitimate proactive influence on processes of social exclusion or inclusion.
  • They are especially concerned about social exclusion in terms of exclusion from the financial system but they are aware that this does not explain or solve the complex phenomenon of social exclusion.
  • Social action addresses all persons and environments based on and in accordance with their needs. Social exclusion is not a problem limited only to certain groups: they can all be affected by social exclusion processes and can also participate in processes which generate greater social inclusion.
  • The beneficiaries of OBS are, therefore, persons, groups, organizations and communities undergoing risk or experiencing situations of social exclusion, or those who may become involved or are already participating in processes generating greater social inclusion.
  • Social action puts an accent on advancement and prevention although on occasions it may take the form of welfare or palliative types of initiatives.
  • BBK incorporate transversal elements and especially the gender perspective as a tool contributing to the elimination of inequalities and the advancement of equality between men and women.


  • Subsidiarity. BBK's action should be viewed as subsidiary and complementary to that undertaken by the public administrations.
  • Collaboration. Dialogue and joint participation are fostered with the public administrations as well as with private, non-profit initiatives.
  • Universality. OBS activity focuses on the society as a whole.
  • Equity. Providing that the nature of the service rendered permits the participation of the users in the financing of costs.
  • Territorial balance. The distribution of social actions is based on this principle, although positive discrimination is envisaged in areas characterized by greater deficit.
  • Innovation. Priority is given to innovative programs and initiatives.
  • Public knowledge. This entails a constant effort made at publicizing BBK's social action and the participation of all the agents involved in the process.



European Central Bank
(ECB) Exchange Rates
Currency EUR 2023-06-09

  • usd USD 1.0780
  • jpy JPY 150.24
  • bgn BGN 1.9558
  • czk CZK 23.666
  • dkk DKK 7.4505
  • gbp GBP 0.85795
  • huf HUF 368.73
  • pln PLN 4.4605
  • ron RON 4.9566
  • sek SEK 11.6730
  • chf CHF 0.9716
  • nok NOK 11.6120