Societe Generale Srbija

Address: Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 50 a/b, 11070 Novi Beograd, Srbija
Telephone: (011) 30 11 400
Fax: (011) 313 28 85


Societe Generale started its operations in Serbia back in 1977, and today has more than 250.000 clients, served by a network of over 90 branch offices and over 1000 employees.

The Societe Generale Srbija earned its reputation of leading bank on the local market through professionalism, innovation and team spirit, based on standards established by Société Générale Group.

The Societe Generale Srbija is the only foreign bank in Serbia that has invested in the construction of its own head office, worth around EUR 10 million.

Societe Generale has been present in the domestic market since 1977, when the bank opened a representative office in Belgrade. On February 12, 1991, Société Générale Yugoslav Bank was established as the first bank in the country with a majority of foreign capital. From that time forward, the bank has been constantly present in the Serbian market, offering its services to corporate clients.

In 2001, the bank decided to expand its services to citizens and thus become a universal bank. During December 2001, the first four branch offices for citizens were opened in Belgrade.

From that point, Société Générale Srbija records constant growth. As of today, the bank has opened 91 branch offices in all major cities throughout Serbia.

Societe Generale Srbija gained its reputation as the leading bank in the domestic market through professionalism, quality service and team spirit, based on the standards of the Société Générale Group.


The success long-term growth policy relies on the Societe Generale Group's and therefore Societe Generale Srbija fundamental values are: professionalism, team spirit and innovation.

Professionalism is at the heart of their culture. The customers believe in us and their professionalism. Societe Generale Srbija strengthen this confidence day after day by expanding their expertise and exchanging experiences.

Team spirit is their strength. Societe Generale Srbija is receptive, keen to learn from the diverse viewpoints of all their colleagues. Societe Generale Srbija is able to draw upon a vast diversity of talent and worldwide Group culture to give us a collective strength.

Innovation is their state of mind. Day after day, they seize opportunities brought by changes in their environment, they consistently anticipate their customers' needs providing them new products and new services.



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