Address: ul. Pszczyńska 10, 40-479 Katowice, Poland
Telephone: +48 32 20 08 500
Fax: +48 032 20 08 685
Email: [email protected]


GETIN Bank was established with the support of the resources of Górnośląski Bank Gospodarczy SA – a strong, regional bank whose shares were bought in May 2004.

GETIN Bank is a nationwide retail bank which offers a wide range of services for individual clients, small enterprises and micro-companies. GETIN Bank’s products and services are meant for clients who expect proven products and simplified service and risk evaluation procedures.

GETIN Bank’s services are provided at 154 branches (including 24 Offices for Mortgage Credits ‘Home’) in all major towns in Poland, as well as through a wide network of agents. As regards development of competitive products, fast increase of agencies and growth in assets, you could easily call GETIN Bank the most dynamic bank in Poland.

In the ranking of “50 largest banks in Poland” published in June 2007 by BANK monthly magazine, GETIN Bank came first in the “Retail Bank” category. GETIN Bank also came high in the ranking in other categories such as: “Banks financing the purchase of real estate” (3rd place for DOM – a subsidiary of GETIN Bank) and “Efficiency ranking” (2nd place).

GETIN Bank’s mission and strategy

It is their mission to provide their clients full access to simple and modern financial products. The Bank's actions are based on this principle:

"Many ways, one bank – GETIN Bank".

It means that their products are available through many sales channels: in GETIN Bank establishments, through a qualified agents network and soon through the internet.

GETIN Bank is a popular retail bank focused on individual clients, people who run enterprises, small and medium enterprises, local government and farmers.



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