The Central Bank of Montenegro

Address: Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog br 7, Podgorica, 81000, Montenegro
Telephone: +381 081 403 191
Fax: +381 081 664 140


The mission of the Central Bank of Montenegro to establish and maintain a healthy banking system and monetary policy.

The Central Bank of Montenegro was established in the Law on the Central Bank of Montenegro, which the Assembly of the Republic of Montenegro passed in November 2000. The founding of the Central Bank of Montenegro, the Republic of Montenegro has been independent and independent organization responsible for monetary policy, to establish and maintain a healthy banking system and efficient payment transactions.

The Central Bank of Montenegro is not issuing bank, in carrying out their legal function has the following powers:

  • issued and takes work permit banks and financial institutions, regulate and control their work and implement the procedure of bankruptcy and liquidation of banks and financial institutions in the Republic;
  • the loans from their reserve banks that have permission to work in the Republic, under the conditions established by law;
  • establishes and implements measures, regulates and controls the payment, settlement and inter-billing in the Republic;
  • tasks and controls payment transactions in the country and abroad;
  • performs work of bankers, consultants and fiscal authorities and representatives of organizations;
  • buys and sells currencies and precious metals for your account or the account of;
  • buys and sells securities on the secondary market, which is broadcast Republic, EU Member States, other countries or certain rules the Central Bank;
  • performs regular macroeconomic analysis, including monetary, fiscal, financial and cloth-balance-sheet analysis of the economy and the government recommendations in the field of economic policy;
  • prepare and participate in the preparation of laws and other regulations in the field of monetary, exchange and banking system, in accordance with international standards, including determining the reserves for various types of deposits;
  • provides banking services for the benefit of foreign governments, foreign central banks, as well as in favor of international organizations and other international institutions in which the Central Bank of the Republic or participate;
  • receiving deposits from banks, government bodies and organizations;
  • opens and water accounts for the needs of state bodies and organizations, domestic and foreign banks, international financial institutions and donor organizations;
  • provides a way of conducting operations dealers and banks in foreign exchange transactions, determines the limits on foreign exchange positions of banks and dealers, and made their control;
  • can be the owner and manage one or more payment systems, including a system of gross settlement of large payments;
  • can manage the system of net settlement payments of small value;
  • provides banknotes and coins in quantities that are appropriate to meet the needs of financial transactions;
  • other matters determined by these and other laws.



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