Eurostandard Bank AD Skopje

Address: Eurostandard Bank AD Skopje, 27-mi Mart bb, 1000 Skopje, R.Macedonia
Telephone: +389 (0)2 3228 444
Fax: +389 (0)2 3224 095


Eurostandard Bank AD Skopje started its operations on October 1, 2001. The Bank is fully established with foreign capital and is licensed to perform domestic and foreign payment operations, both for domestic legal entities and individuals and for non-residents.

In assessing Eurostandard Bank’s intrinsic soundness and creditworthiness, Moody’s takes a positive stance on the bank’s good corporate governance practices and its capable and experienced board and senior management. It is encouraging to see such a small bank free of any ‘house’ or ‘pocket’ bank characteristics despite the related local businesses of one of the two shareholders. Such groundwork will be very supportive to the bank as it gradually grows both in size and in number of employees. At the same time, Moody’s believes that the country’s difficult operating environment, characterised by political instability, a weak legal system, inherently high credit risk, shaky public confidence and high interest rates, constrains the bank’s business prospects and poses a major challenge to any bank operating in Macedonia.

The Bank was established with purpose to offer confidential and efficient banking services to its clients and contribute to the strengthening of the Macedonian financial market by offering highly qualitative financial services and instruments in compliance with the European standards.

Owing to its experienced and professional staff, Eurostandard Bank AD Skopje efficiently supports, mainly, the development of SME’s and performs financial services in area of corporate banking, foreign exchange market, retail operations, and domestic and foreign payment operations.

Eurostandard Bank AD Skopje is quite small, flexible and adjustable Bank, tailored according to the needs of its clients. At the same time, the Bank’s main orientation, supported also by the adopted Code of Ethic Behavior, is to conform strictly to the principles of secrecy and confidentiality while at the same time having high level of efficiency in carrying out banking operations.

For purposes of maintenance of the goal set, the Bank is permanently oriented to apply state-of-the –art IT technology supported by relevant organizational structure.



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Currency EUR 2024-05-17

  • usd USD 1.0844
  • jpy JPY 168.96
  • bgn BGN 1.9558
  • czk CZK 24.722
  • dkk DKK 7.4615
  • gbp GBP 0.85685
  • huf HUF 387.60
  • pln PLN 4.2650
  • ron RON 4.9752
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  • nok NOK 11.6330