Neue Bank AG

Address: Marktgass 20, P. O. Box 1533, FL-9490 Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein
Telephone: +423 236 08 08
Fax: +423 232 92 60
Email: [email protected]


NEUE BANK AG which was established in 1992 follows the tradition of a classic private bank.

The focus of its activities is devoted to discerning domestic and international private clients. In addition to the protection of privacy guaranteed by law the Bank aims to provide a comprehensive individualized service in line with high standards of investment counselling and money management.

Based on the philosophy which has guided the Bank since its inception, it is bound to adhere to a conservative and rigorously risk conscious investment policy. Thus, it emphasizes both preservation of principal and a reasonable performance with respect to the assets entrusted to it.

Entrepreneurial commitment and self-responsibility were the guiding principles upon establishing their bank. This decision to become independent was taken based on the confidence in their ability to exploit the undiminished potential of Liechtenstein as a banking centre and to contribute towards its development.

They work in the tradition of a classical private bank and comply stringently with professional regulations and the principles of good “corporate governance”. The attitude which they adopt towards new ways of social and professional thinking is one of critical open-mindedness. Their independence is one of their most valuable assets as it frees them from conflicts of interest.

Their shareholding ensures that our employees identify strongly with the bank. Our aim is to provide them with an attractive place to work, offering a high degree of added value and responsibility. Our employees have a distinct level of expertise which is nurtured by means of ongoing further training and they work in a performance and results-oriented manner. They place a particular emphasis on a collaborative management style.

In order to be able to service the clients with total objectivity and free from conflicts of interest, NEUE BANK AG does not develop its own products. By the same token it does not engage in capital market activities as principals. Furthermore, the desire to avoid potential conflicts of interest has prompted the Bank to abstain from conducting trust business.

The profile of a private bank typically excluding retail business and the intentional independence are reflected in the share owner structure of the Bank consisting without exception of private individuals the majority of them being Liechtenstein nationals.

The fully paid-up capital of CHF 40 million at present is controlled by the founding shareholders. In addition, the entire staff recruited when operations commenced, own equity in the Bank.



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