EFG Bank von Ernst

Address: Egertastrasse 10, FL-9490 Vaduz
Telephone: +423-265 53 53
Fax: +423-265 53 63
Website: http://www.bank-von-ernst.li/


EFG Bank von Ernst combines Swiss private banking tradition with the advantages of a base in the Liechtenstein financial sector. Continuity and tradition play key roles in the history of the bank.

EFG Bank von Ernst was the Liechtenstein-based subsidiary of the former Bank von Ernst & Co Ltd, founded in Berne (Switzerland) in 1869. Today the bank is part of the EFG Bank Group which is one of the largest banking groups in Switzerland and is active world-wide in private banking. They consider theirselves as the link between the advantages of Liechtenstein as a financial centre and the expectations of their clients to make the best of these advantages.

EFG Bank von Ernst offers wealth management services with a high level of personal service and discretion. Respect for privacy as well as preservation of the wealth of their clients are fundamental values that have been championed over centuries. These principles underpin their business philosophy as well as the services which they provide for their clients today and in the future.

EFG Bank von Ernst is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swiss based EFG Bank, which is a part of EFG International, a global private banking group, headquartered in Zurich.

The Principality of Liechtenstein is an ideal base for financial service providers and their clients. Private and institutional investors world-wide appreciate its strict protection of professional secrecy for banks, lawyers and trustees, its liberal tax legislation and the stability of the Swiss franc. Furtheremore, a strict law on the exercise of due diligence is an effective barrier to the proceeds of criminal activity, significantly enhancing Liechtenstein's attractiveness as a financial centre.

The following make Liechtenstein's financial sector attractive:

  • Confidentiality obligations for lawyers, trustees and banks are firmly rooted in Liechtenstein law.
  • Low tax
  • Liberal company law
  • Progressive investment fund act
  • Stability of Swiss franc
  • Very strict banking confidentiality, which affords complete protection of personal privacy
  • An obligation to exercice due diligence governed by law
  • European Economic Area treaty with association with EU, without being a member
  • European Economic Area benefits from two economic areas: Free movement of goods, services and capital with the EU and Switzerland
  • No tax harmonisation



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