Trasta Komercbanka

Address: Palasta Street 1, Riga LV-1050, Latvia
Telephone: +371 6 7027777
Fax: +371 6 7027700
Email: [email protected]


Trasta Komercbanka is a kind of a financial club for people aiming at success and non-stop development.

The end of the eighties and the beginning of the nineties introduced a new stage in the economic development of Latvia. Their society experienced political and economic transformations which gave birth to a new business environment. Young businessmen became familiar with previously unknown rules of business management. There was a task for the bank – to generate the right conditions for businessmen to work effectively.

In this atmosphere in 1989 Trasta komercbanka was born with the name of “Riga-Bank”. In 1991 the Bank became a joint-stock company, and on September 27th, 1991, it was registered in the Latvia Enterprise Register. On December 12th of the same year the bank received Bank License #8 for all kinds of bank operations. In 1992, when Latvia established independent banking sector, and the Association of Commercial Banks, TKB was among the first to enter this association.

In the nineties they found solutions to the tasks that had never been solved before by anyone: they developed new commercial services and established the first correspondent gateways to foreign banks. At that time the most importanat challenge for them was to help their clients to establish their (clients') businesses. At the beginning of nineties TKB provided accounting-accumulating services, created lending programmes, performed the first trust operations in Latvia, and rendered financial trading services. In 1995 the bank received its new name – Trasta komercbanka. By that time they offered a chain of new and secure facilities for business development.

At the end of nineties the Russian financial crisis caused serious crashes in the banking system of Latvia. Many banks ended their existence. Only a few banks managed to enter the 21st century after this arduous period.

TKB survived, and kept on finding new ways to develop  and improve its service. In 2000 the strategy of the Bank was realigned, and investments were allocated to strengthen its positions in the bank market. Private communication with the client and a special focus on his every request was really valuable in the exclusive service development. At the end of the last century TKB started to introduce a Private Banking service. This service allowed their clients to cooperate with the bank effectively, solving their problems with the help of a single responsible person at the bank – a Private Banker.

Today it is essential for any businessman to have a partner that can delve into problems and find non-standard solutions, reply to requests rapidly and create  optimal conditions for business development.

The establishment of Latvian American Financial Forum (LAFF) was a very important event of 2006. One of its initial partners was Trasta komercbanka. Today the forum is working to achieve an important aim – to strengthen Latvia’s position as the financial centre in the Baltics. They understand that exploration of foreign markets and development of overseas business is important for their clients. That is why participation of their bank in the forum is a new step in reinforcing competitiveness on the international markets and expanding their client’s potentials abroad. Today TKB is a kind of a financial club for people aiming at success and non-stop development. Here they find new business-contacts, get financial support for their projects, receive guarantees in international operations and other exclusive solutions – for these are the main components of their success.

Their financial solutions are "hand made" – with attention to your every wish and the ability to protect your interests as their own. New business contacts are made and old ones are secured. Your business borders and possibilities are expanded.

Trasta Komercbanka is an international bank, they are flexible and they can create special finance solutions for you and your business.



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