Baltic International Bank

Address: 6 Grecinieku iela, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
Telephone: +371 67 000 444
Fax: +371 67 000 555
Email: [email protected]


Baltic International Bank provides a personalized and top-quality range of banking services. Confidentiality, relations based on mutual trust and confidence, and a personalized approach to every customer – these are more than words - thise are the principles of the Bank's developement strategy.

On eighth of April 1993, Bank of Latvia approved Baltic International Bank as a credit institution and issued with Banking Licence No. 103. Interesting to note that by mid 1993, the number of commercial banks in Latvia had exceeded 60. Today, the number has declined to almost one third of that figure.

Despite keen competition in the sector, a period of legislative and regulatory changes and the multiple crises that have battered the economy, the Bank has not only survived but also grown in many respects, created a highly professional team and built an outstanding reputation.

Baltic International Bank specializes in high-net-worth individuals and large corporate customers by offering state-of-the-art banking services through private banking operations. A private banker, also referred to as a relationship manager, is assigned to work individually with every customer.

Private bankers know the individual needs and possess a complete understanding of all facets of each customer’s business processes. With the individual approach, they are well-positioned to build and maintain long-standing and mutually trustful relations.

Baltic International Bank’s secrets of longevity are quite simple. Firstly, the Bank has always strived to establish long-standing relationships with its Clients. This has been possible due to the Bank’s Strategy aimed at providing a high-level personalized service and logically this has resulted in creating a state-of-the-art private banking service.

Secondly, the Bank has always applied prudence by adopting moderately conservative financial policies, the corner stones of which were financial stability, reduction financial crime and protection of their Customers’ interests rather than the intention to make quick money. When discussing the Bank’s history, they feel obliged to express their deep gratitude to their Customers and Business Partners who have helped them to build strong and proud to be of reputation.

Advantages Offered by the Bank:

  • Professional service system that responds to the customer’s needs which is actively managed by a Private Banker. Where necessary, private bankers rely on the support of the Bank’s teams of specialists or the external experts;
  • A personalized approach ensuring close monitoring of all financial transactions control and maximum safety and security;
  • Fast and timely transaction processing capabilities;
  • Extended operating hours. Customers can be serviced by their private bankers during the entire day.

You are kindly invited to approach them to see whether their experience and expertise can contribute to safeguarding and enhancing your wealth and whether their customer service principles meet your individual objectives.

In support of the Bank'scredentials, please read the complete and transparent information about the bank’s financial position and performance providing a clear view of the dynamics of the bank’s growth, credit ratings assigned and regularly reaffirmed by international credit ratings agency Moody`s Investors Service, the Bank’s shareholders, key management personnel and business partners.

The fact that Baltic International Bank approaches its development with careful planning and prudent risk management and pursues long-term partnerships is supported by their history and traditions, which are an integral part  of the Bank’s corporate culture and consolidates the unity of their customers, shareholders, management team and members of staff.



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