National Irish Bank

Address: National Irish Bank, 3 Harbourmaster Place, IFSC Dublin 1, Republic of Ireland
Telephone: +353 1 484 0000
Fax: +353 1 438 5776


National Irish Bank is part of the Danish-based Danske Bank Group. In 2006, the Bank completed one of the biggest change programmes in Irish banking, involving an €80m investment in new operations and business structures, as well as new products, services and IT.

The Bank has, since its acquisition by Danske Bank Group in 2005, introduced a number of new innovative products and business solutions to the Irish market which have resulted in revenue growth of 20% per annum. National Irish Bank has an AA1 credit rating from Moody's ratings agency, and are the highest-rated full service bank operating in the Republic of Ireland.

National Irish Bank is becoming the bank of choice for personal and business customers, and high net worth individuals. With over 650 employees operating across a growing network of branches and business centres, the Bank has gained an enviable reputation for introducing innovative products including their award-winning eBanking facility, personal current account packages and unique SME Business Banking services.


Based on five core values:

  • Expertise
  • Integrity
  • Value creation
  • Commitment
  • Accessibility.

Each business area in the Group applies these values independently.

At  National Irish Bank, they constantly strive to improve and develop what they offer their customers. Their core values serve as a compass for them to follow in their efforts to become their customers’ preferred local financial partner – both ethically and professionally.

Vision and Mission

Their vision is "One platform – exceptional brands". Their mission is to be "the best local financial partner" for their customers. As a business unit of the Danske Bank Group, they are free to create their own vision and mission under the umbrella of the overall Group.

Vision: One platform – exceptional brands

National Irish Bank offers its customers a unique model of banking products that can also be used in each of the markets in which the Group operates. This makes the Danske Bank Group particularly good at running a retail business spanning various countries and brands. It also means that National Irish Bank can draw on experience and inspiration that will continually help us to improve, grow and develop the products and services they offer their customers.

The National Irish Bank banking model consists of two elements.

A central Group-wide IT platform - National Irish Bank staff use the same IT systems as their Group colleagues, and their products are developed in one resource area.  They are also currently developing concepts covering the way we work with their Finance, HR, Communications and Credit operations.

Exceptional brands that are integrated into the shared IT platform. They wish to create business units that are unique and have more to offer from a customer perspective. As with National Irish Bank, each brand is clearly differentiated from the others in the Group and each reflects its local market and customer base.

Mission: The best local financial partner

They want to become "the best local financial partner" to all of their customers.

Their financial partnerships and customer relationships are founded on reciprocity and based on respect, openness, integrity, responsiveness and a thorough knowledge of customers’ circumstances, needs and wishes, as well as on a balance between what they offer and what they receive in return – the latter being reflected in the their Corporate Social Responsibility policy.



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