Address: 23 Panepistimiou St., Athens, GR-105 64, Greece
Telephone: +30-210-3298742
Fax: +30-210-3298322


ATEbank, formerly Agricultural Bank of Greece S.A., is a Greece-based financial institution engaged in the provision of banking and financial services for both individual and corporate customers with the special attention to individuals and businesses involved in the agricultural sector. The Bank's product range includes the funding of activities that promote the production and marketing of agricultural products; private and corporate banking services; foreign currency deposit accounts; import, export and domestic factoring services; leasing and capital markets services; mutual funds; real estate and insurance services.

The Bank has a network of 470 branches in Greece, one in Germany and 12 branches in Romania through its subsidiary ATEbank Romania S.A., as well as 893 automated teller machines. The Bank also has six subsidiaries active in the agricultural sector, including Dodoni S.A. and Rodopi S.A., diary products providers, and Hellenic Sugar Industry S.A.

ATEbank of Greece established in 1929. L eitourgise initially as a specialist financial institution to support and develop the agricultural sector in Greece, which remains today one of the main pillars of focus to offer loans and guarantees to farmers and cooperatives and rapid distribution of EU subsidies.

ATEbank credit institution is operating legally, which is attached to Greek and EU banking legislation and in particular N. 2076/92 as valid today as was incorporated into Greek law the Second Banking Directive 89/646 / EEC of the European Union.

Today, the role of ATE bank has expanded its expansion in all areas of banking applications.


The bank is an ATE Bank:

  • Head of a dynamic group, which is building strong connections with the rural areas, continuously ensure the leading role of Greece and its strong presence in the international environment.
  • With a human face, they prefer and trust of customers for its professionalism, quality services, the validity, reliability, competitive products, services and the high level of competitive cost.
  • That inspires people and provide them with fair pay, involvement in the results, continuing education, career development opportunities, merit-climate, recognition and pleasant environment.
  • Which ensures high profits for their shareholders, will create true values and contribute to economic growth, progress and prosperity of society.
  • Modern and humane for all Greeks, for all citizens of the European Union.

Human Resources

ROI for the bank, its human resources is the most important asset. The anthropocentric nature of the Bank reflected the key role undertaken by the Human Resources Management as an essential partner in shaping corporate culture and strategic management of people, in inseparable unity with the overall business strategy, the dynamic path of development and achievement of corporate objectives.

The Human Resources emphasizes the development of the functions of administration and human resources in the modernization of systems support these functions.


  • Arrange for the systematic upgrading of knowledge and skills of staff with targeted training programs.
  • Developing evaluation systems to eventually connect with the diagnosis of educational needs, career development and linking pay to performance.
  • Formulate procedures for recognition and reward systems by improving benefits and incentives.
  • Ensure the strengthening of in-communication, the growing spirit of cooperation and omadikotitas and developing trust.



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