Agricultural Bank of Greece S.A.

Address: 23 Panepistimiou Str., 10564 Athens, Greece.
Telephone: +30-210-3298-400, +30-210-3298-645
Fax: +30-210-3298-322
Email: [email protected]


The Agricultural Bank of Greece was established in 1929. Up until the early 1990s, it operated as a specialized financial institution on behalf of the Greek state to support the development of the country’s agricultural sector. The wider farming sector remains one of the Bank’s major areas of activity, both in terms of banking services and the provision of specialized operations, such as the distribution of EU and national aids and subsidies to the sector.

ATEbank is at the head of a dynamic, integrated group of financial companies. Its financial affiliates include: ATE Insurance, ATE Leasing, ATE Cards, ATE Brokers, ATE Technical Services, ATE Rent and the First Business Bank.

In addition, the Bank is establishing a regional presence. It acquired MINDBANK, a Romanian bank which is being developed under its new name of ATEbank Romania, and a large interest in AIK Banka, a mid-sized Serbian bank.

Today, the ATEbank group of financial companies provides a full spectrum of financial products and services to individuals and companies.

In 1991, the Bank became a societé anonyme. In 2000 it was listed in the Athens Stock Exchange and is one of the FTSE/Athens 20 Index companies. The large-scale recapitalization completed in 2005, the extensive restructuring of its loans portfolio and strong expansion in retail banking and, along with its wide-ranging reorganization, the recent revamping of its name and corporate image as ATEbank reinforce the Bank’s position as one of the country’s leading financial sector players.

The new name and corporate image symbolize the passage of the Bank to a new era as an institution serving the banking needs of all residents in Greece, irrespective of age or occupation, by combining the provision of competitive financial products and services with social responsibility.

ATEbank's corporate vision can be encapsulated in the following aspirations:

  • to be a bank with a distinct human face, trusted and chosen by its customers for its reliability and professionalism, attractive products and high quality service
  • to be a bank that inspires its people and offers satisfactory remuneration and participation in the financial results, continuous professional training and excellent opportunities for career advancement in a meritocratic and congenial work environment
  • to be a bank that offers high returns to its shareholders and creates real value for the national economy, contributing to the country’s economic development and improved social welfare.

Based on its strong capital structure, efficient management, customer-centered approach and transparency of operations, ATEbank intends to continue its growth in the Greek and international market.

Having invested heavily in the transformation of its entire distribution network, the Bank has introduced a new operational model, which has turned every branch into an efficient sales and service center, with the aim of fully satisfying the requirements of specific customer segments.

With the second largest network of 470 branches and 869 ATMs covering the entire country and its experienced personnel, which is constantly updated on developments in financial products and banking practices, ATEbank is able to meet every financial need of its customers.

ATEbank is the banking partner that through its understanding, direct and sensitive business approach can offer prompt and flexible solutions to the specific needs of the banking public. Its size and long history guarantee the development of long-term, mutually profitable relations with all its customers.


  • manages a powerful group of financial companies, which instil its employees, creates bonds of commitment with them, and offers them economic rewards, social and ethical motives, participation in results, continuous and on-going education and training, career development programs, effort recognition and pleasant working conditions.
  • puts a high premium on establishing and maintaining a close friendly relationship with its customers, preserving the image of a reliable, professional bank, which offers quality of service, competitive products, and high level customer service.
  • ensures high profitability for its shareholders, enhances its sustainable development, creates real values and contributes to economic development, progress and prosperity of society.
  • responds effectively to competitive pressures and maintains its position among the 3-4 banking groups in the Greek money market, preserving its dynamic presence in the agricultural sector, and expanding its market share in the retail banking.



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