Commerzbank AG

Address: Commerzbank AG, Kaiserplatz, 60261 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Telephone: +49 69 136 20
Fax: +49 69 285 389


Commerzbank is Germany's second-largest bank and one of the leading banks in Europe. Its consolidated balance-sheet total stands at 615.2 billion euros. Roughly 41,600 employees, 14,050 of them active outside Germany, look after roughly 8.5 million private and business customers and more than 535,000 corporate customers worldwide.

Commerzbank sees itself as an efficient provider of financial services for private and business customers as well as for small to medium-sized companies (Mittelstand), but it also serves numerous major corporates and multinationals. For each of its core target groups, it aims to be the 'best bank'.

In everything Commerzbank does, customer satisfaction comes first. Their commitment to that is absolute and they take it as the measure of their success.

For discerning private customers, they are a reliable partner and a provider of high-performing financial services. Small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany rate us as the best bank, and their success is founded on the way we help them do business - locally and around the world.

Commerzbank has also spent decades gaining experience and knowledge of domestic and foreign markets; that is what makes them a valuable partner for major corporate customers, institutions in Europe and companies with business interests throughout the world. What they offer them is an holistic approach to customer service and bespoke solutions.

Their customers in Germany benefit from personalized advice and services, available in branches throughout the country. Commerzbank has a global presence through its subsidiaries, branches and representative offices in major business and financial centres in around 50 countries. They also work together with over 5,000 correspondent banks around the world.

Commerzbank utilises the German Government's Financial Markets Stabilisation Fund to strengthen its capital base. The bank struck an according agreement with the Stabilisation Fund (SoFFin). The Fund will provide Commerzbank with a silent participation of EUR 8.2 billion. In addition, SoFFin will grant Commerzbank Group guaranteed funding commitments to the scope of EUR 15 billion to offer additional funding options.



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