Groupe Banque Populaire

Address: 5 Rue Leblanc Cedex 15, 75511 Paris, France
Telephone: +33 1 40 39 60 00


Groupe Banque Populaire is a French Group of cooperative banks. In 2006, Groupe Banque Populaire has created a new company with another French cooperative banking group, Groupe Caisse d'Epargne in order to create Natixis.

The Banque Populaire Group is, with 9 400 000 clients (3 460 000 members) and over 3 391 branches, 4th banking network in France.

Its rapid growth based on sustainable organic regular and targeted acquisitions allow it to display leading positions on its various clients, including individuals, professionals, companies and institutions.

Cooperative group led by strong values and shared, it is to combine strong operational performance and a constant concern for the collective interest.

The Banque Populaire Group: an organization in 3 dimensions.


The Banque Populaire Group recognizes the principles of the three core values:


  • Founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, the Banque Populaire Group cultivates the desire to undertake.
  • He likes to move the creative energy of its clients and employees.
  • He respected the courage, tenacity and enthusiasm of project or professional life projects.
  • The audacity of the undertaking implies optimism.
  • It is constantly advancing.


  • Its history, its operation, daily experience, illustrate the ability of the Banque Populaire to live cooperation.
  • Cooperation is to act together to win, assuming all its responsibilities towards the partner and the company.
  • It implies mutual confidence.
  • It only makes sense in the long term.
  • It resists the pressure of short-term.
  • Major actors of economic life, supportive of their region Banques Populaires is also solidarity between them. This solidarity is the glue of the Banque Populaire. It unites all its components. It opens on other partners.


  • The Banque Populaire Group has built on respect for life course, sensitivities, expectations, peculiarities of its customers and partners.
  • Each project is unique: to set in motion with the best chance of success in its goal, it needs to be heard, to be informed clearly and transparently, to be understood.
  • Place people at the heart of concerns gives full meaning and its strength in the banking relationship.


  • Close to its clients, both by the density of its network and ability to listen to different markets, the Banque
  • Populaire Group has a leading position in many areas.
  • Bank of entrepreneurs since its inception, the Banque Populaire Group is now able to be both generalists and specialists to meet the expectations of each of its markets. To do this, it brings together the expertise of its various entities and covers the whole territory.



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