Credit Mutuel

Address: 88-90 rue Cardinet, 75017 Paris, France
Telephone: +33 1 44011010
Fax: +33 1 44011231


Crédit Mutuel is a French mutual bank. The network of local banks is the essential link in the organization of Crédit Mutuel. It provides a true service close to our customers and provides great responsiveness.

Crédit Mutuel is this:

  • When countless musical events
  • In addition to sports
  • In the social sector, including supporting the ADMR (home-help in rural areas).

A non-centralized

Together, the funds control all the local structures of Crédit Mutuel and collectively bear their proper functioning. They exert their power in accordance with the rules they have set themselves under the bodies of the Group. Whatever its place in the structure, each of Crédit Mutuel actor must assume its full role with the means at its disposal: Crédit Mutuel, non-centralization is the rule.

Collectively, local control boxes all structures of Crédit Mutuel:

  • Federations Central East Europe, South East, Ile-de-France, Savoie Mont-Blanc and Midi-Atlantique Caisse Fédérale
  • Banque Federative du Credit Mutuel (BFCM) and its subsidiaries, including the ICC.

Crédit Mutuel is also responsible for common services to ensure the smooth operation of the network of local banks: banking, human resources, the network, law and litigation, etc.

The modernity of an idea

Today, the Credit Mutuel still maintains its corporate clients on a daily basis by financing their projects, making their savings grow by providing them with means of payment, ensuring their health and their property.

It is and remains close to its corporate clients because of its organization, its elected officials, the quality and diversity of its products and services.

Their values

Mutualism and solidarity

Encouraging savings and promoting access to credit, the funds provide solidarity among members, between generations, between those involved in the local economy.

Sensitive to changes in the world around them, Crédit Mutuel is also proud to support the associations.



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