Elina Bankers Ltd

Address: Uudenmaankatu 7, 00120 Helsinki, Finland.
Telephone: 020 7404 777
Fax: (09) 260 0271
Email: info@elinapl.fi
Website: http://www.elinapl.fi/


Elina is a Finnish financial company, which specializes in Yale - Harvard - Strategy and brought the first private investors. Strategy, the investments will spread efficiently to all classes of the capital. Stock and bond markets in addition to investing in, inter alia, the absolute return funds, stock exchanges outside the businesses, the fixed assets and raw materials markets. Hash substantially reduce portfolio risk level in the expectation remains the stock market-like.

Elina has brought the first Finnish company to the financial risk of low-Yale-Harvard's investment strategy of private investors. Strategy, the investments will spread to all classes of the capital. This is to the long term to achieve the stock market better than the average yield - and even less risk.

Elina Securities Ltd. began operations in 2005. Elina operates the financial audit of the grant of permission and enforcement. They have the securities association and the Investor Compensation Fund member.

Elina Security Financial is a full proxy for the financial settlement, with the aim of a minimum return on capital preservation. At the same time, the financial format offers the opportunity to return to good opportunities for investment in different areas.

Elina Security consists of two parts - The financial basis for the absolute return funds, which seek to steady, and clearly the interest rate to higher investment returns. Absolute return target funds of coordinates, so that Elina's investment managers believe that they preferred to increase investment during the whole of the investment amount in the initial current value. One section consists of a certificate basket, which is widely diversified in different areas of investment in derivatives the investment objective of high return.

The aim of the legislation is to improve investor protection. Investors get more information about the service provider, providing services, financial instruments and the associated risks. In addition, investors are asked more detailed information about the financial situation, investment objectives, investment experience and knowledge. These data mapping aims to provide its customers with the services and products.

Elina Securities offers institutional clients a customer-tailored financial packages. Their business is based on neutrality and open architecture. They build their customers' investment through various asset types and investment by making use of instruments.

Both the absolute return funds to a certificate in financial management basket Elina unbound advantage of financial benefits and selecting the individual items in a wide network of affiliate products.



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