Lan & Spar Bank A/S

Address: Hojbro Plads 9-11, DK-1014 Copenhagen K, Denmark.
Telephone: +45 3378 2000
Fax: +45 3378 2309
Email: [email protected]


The Company's principal activity is the provision of banking services to private customers in Denmark. Customer services include savings accounts, personal loans, pension plans, insurance and other financial services. The Company has established several banks in cooperation with the different unions in the labour market throughout Denmark. The bank's head office is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Lån & Spar's mission is to ensure that Danish consumers good prices and decent conditions in a bank. Since 1880 a group of officers, officials and academics wanted to ensure that there always was a bank in the marketplace who thought more proper terms to customers than on profits.

Not least since the late 1960s when the two sides agreed that Danish workers can only have their salaries paid through a bank, the professional organizations in the FTF-(Workers and officials Fællesråd) and AC-field (Akademikernes Centralorganisation) wanted a bank, through active participation in the banking market can set standards for good treatment of private customers.


  • The best bank in Ireland for private clients.
  • Overview of the private economy.
  • The Bank shall make relevant information available to customers so they can develop a healthy private economy.
  • Profitability.
  • Bank basisindtjening following provisions shall remunerate equity with pt 4-6% above the rate on a 10-year government bond. Basic earnings are calculated as income before taxes, excluding adjustments on securities.


Lån & Spar, a Danish bank for private clients. Bank providing competitive financial services after an aggressive direct banking concept.

The Bank offers a simple and transparent products which allow a choice, as the private customer to determine the level of service and the associated cost. Fees form of behavioral fees so that the customer has a choice. The Bank considers it as a very important task to advise customers on how best and cheapest user bank.

This is included in Loans & save target that the Bank:

  • Only with profitable areas
  • Operate only in areas where the bank has or expects to obtain a high degree of særkompetence
  • Grows with organic development in line with earnings
  • Rates of development of its infrastructure
  • Has a high level of information to the public, shareholders and employees
  • Treat all shareholders equally
  • The objective prices
  • Concentrates its activities in the field of traditional banking.

The goal can be achieved through a conscious use of its resources, which are:

  • Employees and managers
  • Partners
  • Knowledge of the development, production and marketing of financial services
  • Financial strength
  • Information Technology



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