Foroya Banki

Address: Kalvebod Brygge 43 1560 Copenhagen V, Denmark.
Telephone: +45 70 222 700
Fax: +45 70 222 701
Email: [email protected]


Føroya Banki is a leading bank on the Faroe Islands serving corporate, institutional and personal customers with a high quality service portfolio comparable to that of other Nordic banks.

Føroya Banki has a network of 10 branches on the Faroe Islands with its Head Office in the Capital Tórshavn, ensuring close relations with all its personal and corporate customers.

Føroya Banki operates three principal business units:

Personal Banking

  • Føroya Banki is a full-service bank with an extensive range of products and services offered to domestic personal customers through its nationwide branch network. Føroya Banki realises the importance of customer loyalty and thus strives to create a close and yet professional relationship to its customers, provided through a balance between close attention and professional care.

Corporate Banking

  • Føroya Banki offers a wide range of corporate banking services including advice and assistance in connection with financing, cash management, currency transactions, investments, mergers and acquisitions as well as numerous other services required by businesses. Due to its long-time service of the corporate business segment on the Faroe Islands, Føroya Banki has gained a close relationship to most of its corporate customers and has an experience of strong customer loyalty.

Markets & Treasury

  • Føroya Banki offers a range of services within the field of investments and asset management for institutional, corporate and personal customers. Markets & Treasury also provides services to other departments within the Bank. Markets is a growing business area on the Faroe Islands and Føroya Banki is determined to be at the forefront with the objective to gain further market share also within this growing segment. Consequently, Føroya Banki is strengthening its Markets & Treasury Department ensuring a team of professional and high profile financial advisors.

Other Activities

  • In addition to its banking activities, Føroya Banki owns and operates the second largest non-life insurance company on the Faroe Islands, named P/F Trygd.
  • In November 2006, Føroya Banki established its own real estate broker, Skyn. Skyn initiated operations in February 2007 and works in close cooperation with personal customer advisors in Føroya Banki. Skyn operates physically from its premises in Tórshavn but is visible in all the Bank´s local branches.

Rules and Regulations

  • The Faroese banking system is regulated by Faroese and Danish law and supervised by Danish authorities, while the Faroese insurance system is regulated by Faroese law and supervised by Faroese authorities.

In 2006 Føroya Banki expressed its vision and mission. This was done as part of the Bank´s proactive growth plan.

Vision and Mission

  • Føroya Banki's vision is to be the leading bank on the Faroe Islands and internationally to provide its customers with selected financial services. Its mission is to make it financially possible for customers to achieve their full potential.

Value Foundation

  • The Bank has also expressed its value foundation. The Bank is and wants to be characterised as Competent, Committed, and Proactive.



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