Alm. Brand Bank

Address: Midtermolen 7, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark.
Telephone: 35 47 48 49
Fax: 35 47 47 35
Email: [email protected]


Alm. Brand Bank ranks among the largest banks in Denmark. The Bank offers a broad range of deposit and lending products as well as highly qualified advice on investments, pensions and home finance to private customers in good financial standing.

In addition, the Bank also targets selected customer segments in the professional investment, agriculture and car finance markets.

The Alm. Brand Bank Group's business activities are distributed on the following areas:

  • Retail banking
  • Wholesale banking
  • Car finance and Leasing

Retail banking targets the private customer segments, offering a wide range of banking products and focusing on providing attractive prices and high quality personal advice. Retail banking is particularly focused on tailoring unique solutions to customers insured with Alm. Brand.

Wholesale banking targets the professional market, drawing on its expertise within stockbroking, asset management, mortgage deeds, agreeculture and investment properties to contribute to Alm. Brand Bank's performance. Wholesale banking also works with retail banking and the subsidiary Alm. Brand Finans A/S in ensuring that the Bank has a satisfactory loan-to-deposit ratio.

Alm. Brand Finans A/S provides car loans to private and corporate customers, primarily through business partners, and leasing cars to commercial customers.

The vision – taking care – implies that they

  • take an interest in the needs of their customers and provide them with the understanding and decision-making basis required when choosing financial services,
  • are attentive to their customers as part of their day-to-day routines so that they feel they take an interest in them,
  • help and take care of their customers in the best possible way when they are faced with a new or unexpected situation.

The mission – their objectives and goals

  • They aim to offer high-quality financial services at reasonable prices to customers with "ordinary common sense".
  • Their customers are private individuals in the agricultural sector or small and medium-sized enterprises operating in Denmark.


  • They have defined five ambitious objectives going towards 2010 that are intended, together, to stimulate substantial growth.
  • They aim to improve customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, their image and customer portfolio quality and to ensure an attractive business for their shareholders.


Shareholders' equity

  • They aim to generate a return on equity of the money market rate plus 10% p.a. by 2010


  • They aim to increase their portfolio by more than 50% by end-2010, the bank even by 100%, including:

Notes pr. 19.11.2008

  • Non-life insurance and life and pension operations are expected to grow continuously though less than expressed in the main targets.
  • The bank is not expected to grow or may have lesser loans and advances.


  • They aim for their image to rank in the top two in the market (according to annual industry surveys).

Customer satisfaction

  • They aim for 90 % of their customers to be satisfied or very satisfied with their company and for at least 50 % of their customers to be very satisfied.

Employee satisfaction

  • They aim for 90 % of their employees to be satisfactied and for at least 50 % of employee to be very satisfied.



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Currency EUR 2021-05-12

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  • jpy JPY 131.82
  • bgn BGN 1.9558
  • czk CZK 25.522
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