Wustenrot hypotecni banka, a.s.

Address: nám. Kinských 2/602, 150 00 Praha 5, Czech Republic.
Telephone: +420 257 092 201
Fax: +420 257 092 605
Email: kontakt@wuestenrot.cz
Website: http://www.wuestenrot.cz/


Wüstenrot – founder of building saving
Year 1921, German town of Wüstenrot, "Association of Friends" and its motto "Roof over each family's head". This was the beginning of the history of building saving in Europe and also the history of the building saving company Wüstenrot which became the basis of the Wüstenrot financial group. Thanks to expansion to many European countries and connection with one of the biggest German insurance companies Württembergische AG, Wüstenrot has become an important international financial institution.

Wüstenrot in the Czech Republic
Even in this country, Wüstenrot is closely linked to the beginnings of building saving. Wüstenrot - stavební spořitelna, a. s. was founded in autumn 1993, i. e. in the same year when the Building Saving Act was adopted. It has enjoyed trust of hundreds of thousand clients, for whom building saving made it possible to finance housing, to create financial reserves for old age and to save money for other purposes.

Similarly to the parent countries, Wüstenrot aimed at providing its clients with a complex set of financial services in the area of family finance also in the Czech Republic. After building saving, life insurance was started in 1999 and at the beginning of 2003, Wüstenrot offered mortgage loans as the other form of financing housing.

In 2006, the portfolio of services offered by Wüstenrot was extended by non-life insurance, aimed particularly at insurance coverage of families and housing and motor insurance.

Today, Wüstenrot is a financial group made up of four companies. Thanks to their close cooperation and common business network of financial consultants, Wüstenrot clients have their personal financial consultant, which means having all necessary services easily available under one roof.



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