J&T Banka

Address: Pobrezni 14, 186 00 Prague 8, Czech Republic.
Telephone: +420 221 710 111
Fax: +420 221 710 211
Website: http://www.jtbank.cz/


J&T BANKA focuses strategically on clients and trades that require a high individual approach. In addition to comprehensive private banking services for selected clients, they provide specialised financing in real estate and enterprise acquisitions and securities trade for major private investors. The bank has operated in the Czech Republic since 1998 and in Slovakia since its office was opened two years ago.

They focus on project financing in real estate, acquisitions, restructuring and debt trading. Their main competitive advantage is their ability to quickly evaluate a proposed project in collaboration with experts from J&T Group. Thanks to their familiarity with the market and understanding of the client, they can also achieve adequate hedging against possible risks. It is the speed of the entire process – from assessment to fund provisioning – that is their greatests added value. They also provide consulting in debt restructuring or refinancing as part of their cooperation with the client.

Under the J&T approach, private banking means comprehensive care of the client. They strive to fulfil the client’s wishes and expectations, which do not necessarily have to relate to classical banking services. Their private bankers seek the optimum way of communicating with clients to establish a mutual relationship based, above all, on trust and openness. Based on a well-tuned relationship, they are able to quickly create special products for a client based on his or her individual requirements and needs, thanks to, in particular, the utilisation of synergies among all companies belonging to the J&T Group.

They provide all basic banking services – they keep current accounts and provide domestic and foreign payments, issue bank cards, keep safety-deposti boxes and perform cash operations. They invest in the development and improvement of banking services on an ongoing basis. They offer remote account management through e-banking – homebanking and internet banking – for clients with large volumes of payment transactions.



European Central Bank
(ECB) Exchange Rates
Currency EUR 2022-12-06

  • usd USD 1.0516
  • jpy JPY 143.33
  • bgn BGN 1.9558
  • czk CZK 24.316
  • dkk DKK 7.4380
  • gbp GBP 0.86170
  • huf HUF 415.08
  • pln PLN 4.6975
  • ron RON 4.9130
  • sek SEK 10.8890
  • chf CHF 0.9872
  • nok NOK 10.4408
  • hrk HRK 7.5563