Imex banka plc.

Address: Tolstojeva 6, 21 000 Split, Croatia
Telephone: +385 021 406 100
Fax: +385 021 345 588, +385 021 406 138


The Imex banka plc. is a 100 % Croatian owned financial institution with full authorisation for all types of domestic and international transactions. The bank has been present in the financial market for 18 years during which it has built up a quality structure of loyal clients throughout Croatia. The bank does business with the biggest economic subjects in their country, but also with small business, trades and citizens to whom it offers a wide range of financial products and services.

The Imex banka plc. traces its beginning back to 1990 when the Imex trgovina d.d. (Imex trading plc.) founded a savings-loan service which was even then, according to valid legislation, called the Imex banka. The very word Imex is an abbreviation of the words Import-Export, as the main activity of the Imex trgovina d.d. The savings-loan service of the Imex banka for its very beginnings worked with the biggest businesses throughout Croatia, and constantly operated with a profit and constant growth. In 1995, the Savings-loans service with its scope of operations, deposits and clients, outgrew the operations of the savings-loans services, and for this reason the Imex trgovina d.d. founded a new bank with the same name, Imex banka plc. As the savings-loan service in its first five years had achieved great capital and a large deposit base, from its initial registration the Imex banka plc. received authorisation to conduct all banking activities which also included international transactions. In 1995 the capital of the bank amounted to 18 million HRK, while today the bank’s capital amounts to 96 million HRK. From its founding the bank has achieved more than 130 million HRK in profits. Today the Imex banka plc., with 18 years of experience in the Croatian financial market is one of the oldest Croatian banks, with a business network on the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia.

The bank has more than 100 professionally trained staff whose high efficacy in operations and particularly good customer relations, special care about the speed and quality of services, along with the always present advisory role. From its founding the bank has operated with a profit, while solvency, both kuna and currency, are categories given priority attention and without reserve it puts in the first place the safety of money accessibility, and fulfilment of liabilities both domestic and abroad. Bank policy has always been and remains strict abiding by criteria related to loan and other risks, even at the price of moderate but for this reason stable growth. It is for this reason that the balance sheet of the bank has shown controlled growth from year to year. According to efficacy of banking services criteria, it ranks at the very top of the most efficient banks in Croatia. Consequently in 2002 it received a worthy acknowledgement from the British professional magazine Finance Central Europe as the most successful bank in Croatia according to return of assets indicators. In 2003 the bank received the award Prva Hrvatska kuna (First Croatian Kuna), and was ranked among 1 % of the largest, most profitable and most productive Croatian companies.

The bank achieves a significant part of its operations through retail banking where we offer a wide range of all banking products and services. Exceptional growth in placement and savings best indicates the reputation which the bank has acquired through many years of stable operations and continual product innovations. The bank has at its disposal and excellent technical-program base, and continually invests into the most modern banking technologies to be able to offer its clients the best quality financial services.


  • To be the best Croatian owned bank in Croatia with a business network in all parts of the country.


  • Provide the best quality and fastest financial services, with particularly good customer relations and always present advisory role of the bank.
  • To support Croatian manufacturing and exporters, and give a contribution to the competitiveness and progress of the Croatian economy.



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Currency EUR 2024-07-19

  • usd USD 1.0890
  • jpy JPY 171.61
  • bgn BGN 1.9558
  • czk CZK 25.261
  • dkk DKK 7.4610
  • gbp GBP 0.84280
  • huf HUF 390.90
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  • nok NOK 11.8255