National Bank of Azerbaijan

Address: National Bank of Azerbaijan, 32, R. Behbudov Str., 370070 Baku, Azerbaijan.
Telephone: +994 012 493 11 22
Fax: +994 012 493 55 41


The National Bank of Azerbaijan (NBA) is the central bank of Azerbaijan. In early 1992, former Soviet banks were incorporated into the National Bank of Azerbaijan; The 1992 Law on Banks and Banking Activity and the Law on the National Bank established the NBA as the top level of the new system and commercial banks (state and private) on the second level. However, in 1993 the system was undermined by poor technology, large unresolved debts among state- enterprises, irregular participation by enterprises, and bank delays in transferring funds. The main bank for the exchange of funds among private and state enterprises is the Industrial Investment Joint Stock Commercial Bank. A limitation on FDI in the banking sector was reduced when the NBA increased the limit on participation of banks with foreign ownership from 30 to 50 percent of the commercial banking market. In June 2002, the NBA liberalized some overseas transfer provisions for Azerbaijani legal residents, including an increase of advance payments for import transactions from $10,000 to $25,000 and waiver of all restrictions for withdrawing foreign currency in cash.

The bank has been functioning since a very long with an aim of maintaining stability of the national currency and contributed a lot in the growth process of the economy to a larger extent.

The Bank apart from the banking practices is also targeting in the improvements of transportation network and other development strategies. The bank in the recent years is also focusing on the reforms in the power sector.

The national bank of the country is regarded as the apex agency for the policymakings in the spheres such as credit, money turnover, settlements and currency relations.



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