Kapital Bank

Address: Kapital Bank, Fizuli st. 71, Baku city, AZ 1014, Azerbaijan Republic.
Telephone: (+994 12) 493 66 30
Fax: (+994 12) 493 79 05
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.kapitalbank.az/


Kapital Bank, former name United Universal Joint-Stock Bank, was formed as a result of the merger of three major governmental banks in Azerbaijan, i.e. Agro-Investment Bank, Industrial-Investment Bank and Savings Bank in 2000. It was renamed to Kapital Bank in January, 2005. Being a successor of Savings Bank, it dates his history back to 1874 when the first branch of Saving Bank was opened in Baku.

Being the universal in nature, Kapital Bank provides a wide range of banking services both for corporate clients and individuals. It has the widest network of branches throughout Azerbaijan, which gives it a competitive advantage when serving the customers which are doing business in Baku and the regions. Its well-developed banking infrastructure in the regions makes it possible to even better serve its customer needs even in the remote places of Azerbaijan. Kapital Bank renders services and provides financing to main industries of the economy, i.e. chemical and gas industries, agriculture, transportation, communications, and construction. It is a bank of social importance – the agent-bank of the State in implementing major governmental and social programs.

Kapital Bank is viewed as highly trustworthy in the international arena. The Bank cooperates with such leading international financial institutions as Citibank N.A, American Express Bank, Commerzbank AG, HSBC Bank, KBC Bank, World Savings Banks Institutе, etc. It holds the primary membership and the full package from MasterCard International and VISA International.

Kapital Bank is the bank of the national importance which aims at satisfying the needs of all of its stakeholders by providing full spectrum of qualitative and reliable banking services to individuals, legal and governmental entities, throughout the country, fostering the economic development of Azerbaijan by investing in real sector and supporting the socio-economic development of the regions.

Their credo:

  • Kapital Bank strives to become the leader of the banking business in Azerbaijan
  • Kapital Bank adheres to the principles of corporate governance, transparency, effective management and control over risks
  • Kapital Bank being the bank of national importance, contributes to the socio-economic development of the regions
  • Kapital Bank having the widest network of branches, maintains its status of the largest retail bank in Azerbaijan
  • Kapital Bank acts as a reliable partner for corporate clients, it demostrates the flexible approach to their needs
  • Kapital Bank strives to maintain the positive image in the international arena, enhace its relations with leading international financial institutions
  • Kapital Bank being universal in nature, offers a wide range of modern bankind products ans services, using high technology and innovation NPD
  • Kapital Bank fosters corporate culture and empowers its employees, united around the common corporate goals



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