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Spain Bank Account Number

Data element


Name of countrySpain
Country code as defined in ISO 3166 ES
Domestic bank account number example
Check also domestic Banks in Spain
2100 0418 45 0200051332


BBAN structure4!n4!n1!n1!n10!n
BBAN length20!n
Bank identifier position within the BBANPositions 1-4, Branch identifier positions: 5-8
Bank identifier length4!n, Branch identifier length: 4!n
Bank identifier example2100, Branch identifier example: 0418
BBAN example21000418450200051332


IBAN structureES2!n4!n4!n1!n1!n10!n
IBAN length24!c
IBAN electronic format example (Check Iban)ES9121000418450200051332
IBAN print format exampleES91 2100 0418 4502 0005 1332
Contact details

Ms. Pilar Clavería
Asociación Española de Banca Privada (AEB)
C/ Velázquez, 64 – 66
28001 MADRID

Tel: 34 91 789 13 11
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it